This webapp shows the papers of a given author that have been published at the venues listed in CSRankings since their first first-author paper. The first authorship of a top-tier conference paper means the big technical work is done mostly by their own, which proves the experience to deserve seniority. The output also includes papers published in the previous year of the first-author paper, which can be published later because of rejections.

TL;DR: Conferences can be added/removed using +/- followed by a conference key (uai if the DBLP entry is https://dblp.org/db/conf/uai), like "John Smith +aistats +uai -aaai". You can also remove all the conferences not selected by default in CSRankings using "--" option, which is overwritten by "+" options. When "+c" option is given, this app also lists senior co-authors (this process takes a bit long as it issues a request to the DBLP website for every co-author), which could be useful to guess the collaboration circle of the author. This app makes the best effort for accuracy, such as filtering out short/workshop papers, applied data science track papers in KDD (2018-2020), operational systems track papers in NSDI (2014-2016) and experience papers in MOBICOM.

Source code of this webapp is available here.